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Báidín Fheidhlimí - Cnuasach de Shingilcheirníní


This CD will evoke memories of good times in the past, when the ballad boom was at its height and every pub and club in Ireland was echoing to the sounds of rousing Irish folk songs.


Emmet Spiceland were the first Irish boyband with songs such as ‘Báidín Fheidhlimí’ and ‘Nóra Bheag’.

It was Skara Brae who prompted the upsurge of the singing of songs as Gaeilge with their beautiful harmonies.

One popular song from the late 60s, that has endured better than most, is Seán Ó Sé’s version of ‘An Poc Ar Buile’.


Adrienne and Lucy Johnston, Paul Brady, Mick Moloney were the four members of The Johnstons, who contributed handsomely to the folk revival with ‘Gleanntáin Ghlas’ Ghaoth Dobhair’.

The compilation has the sophisticated sound of We 4 singing ‘Cóilín’, music by Roger Whitaker and lyrics by Niall Tóibín and ‘Ná hOscail do Bheola’, again had Tóibín’s lyrics, this time to music by Jim Doherty.

Also included on the compilation are Mac Murrough, a very attractive three-piece ballad group from Wexford, and, from Dublin, the very popular group Deirdre Downes and The Broadsiders remind us of their sweet version of ‘Gleann na Smól.’

‘The eclectic meascán of styles is what makes this compilation such an engaging, warm, nostalgic experience and the music speaks for itself - by its excellence.’ Shay Healy

Booklet has notes by Shay Healy (an authority on music of the period) and Nicholas Carolan, Director ITMA. Lyrics, photos and covers are featured.

1 Báidín Fheidhlimí Emmet Spiceland
2 Nóra Bheag Emmet Spiceland
3 Gleann na Smól Deirdre Downes & The Broadsiders
4 Mo Theaglach Deirdre Downes & The Broadsiders
5 Cóilín We4
6 Ná hOscail do Bheola We4
7 Ólain Puins Emmet Spiceland
8 Tá na Báid Emmet Spiceland
9 Gleanntáin Ghlas' Ghaoth Dobhair The Johnstons
10 An Banbh The Johnstons
11 An Poc ar Buile Seán Ó Sé
12 Fan A Mhic, Tá Tú Ró-óg Breandán Ó Dúill & Skara Brae
13 An Damhán Alla Tomás Mac Eoin, Tomás Mac Con Iomaire & Máirtín Mac Donnchadha
14 An Cailín Álainn Tomás Mac Eoin, Tomás Mac Con Iomaire & Máirtín Mac Donnchadha
15 Cuan Bhaile na Cúirte MacMurrough
16 Ar Bhruach Loch Léin Golden Dawn
17 An Bealach seo 'tá romham Clannad
18 Faoileán Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill, Maighread Ní Dhomhnaill, Michael Ó Domhnaill & Dónal Lunny
19 Neansaí Dermot O'Brien


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