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Laoch na Laochra

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Laoch na Laochra is a 280 page, hard-backed and full colour publication which retells the full story of Cúchulainn. It is decorated beautifully with the new art work of Dara Vallely.

The stories in this art-book are all from the ancient Ulster Cycle and they tell the story of Cúchulainn from conception to death. This faithful retelling is made up of the scene-setting stories of the Cattle Raid of Cooley known as ‘réamhscéalta’ and the greatest Irish mythological epic of them all, The Táin Bó Cuailgne. The writing is powerful and easily read. These ancient stories were first written down in the 7th century by learned and creative Irish monks who had intimate knowledge of the region they described. Cúchulainn is a powerful symbol of bravery, loyalty, martial prowess, beauty and intellect. The spirit of Cúchulainn has inspired revolutionaries, artists, sports men and women and leaders for more than a thousand years. 

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