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Mo Churachín le Pádraig Mac Niocaill

Pádraig Mac Niocaill

This is a CD of Donegal tenor Pádraig Mac Niocaill who was a native of Anagaire and who lived in Letterkenney. Pádraig was a member of the Cathedral Choir and was a popular singer at local social and musical occasions until his death in 2007.

In 1970, Gael Linn issued an EP record of Irish songs sung by Pádraig and the new CD features those songs with additional tracks which were recorded by Raidió na Gaeltachta in 1975. Pádraig’s singing style is reminiscent of that of Michael O’Duffy and Brendan O’Dowda, popular Irish tenors in the 1960s.

The songs which feature on Mo Churachín are all well-known favourite Irish songs such as ‘Fáinne Geal an Lae’, ‘Trasna na dTonnta’ and ‘Eibhlín a Rún’. It is interesting that some songs feature Scottish airs such as ‘Bheir Mí Ó’ and ‘Triall ar Inis Thiar’ (to the air of the ‘Uist Tramping Song’). The title track ‘Mo Churachín’ is a most unusual and captivating version of the song ‘Óró mo Bháidín’.

As Pádraig was from the Donegal Gaeltacht, it is not surprising that he gives fine renditions of great songs from the area, including ‘Maidin Dé Máirt’, ‘Cumha an Fhile’ and ‘Thíos i Lár a’ Ghleanna’.

Pádraig’s fine tenor voice is given pride of place in these recordings and the keyboard accompaniment is very subtle throughout. One of the musicians is Leo Brennan, father of the famous Clannad members.

This CD will be welcomed in particular by Donegal people who knew Pádraig and by those who fondly recall a style of singing which featured strongly on Radio Éireann in years gone by.

1 Mo Churachín
2 Maidin Dé Máirt
3 Bheir Mí Ó
4 An Crann Sí
5 Péarla an Bhrollaigh Bháin
6 Ó Dónaill Abú
7 Cumha an Fhile
8 Trasna na dTonnta
9 ’Sé Fáth mo Bhuartha
10 An Mhaighdean Chaoin
11 Thíos i Lár a’ Ghleanna
12 Fáinne Geal an Lae
13 Eibhlín a Rún
14 Triall ar Inis Thiar