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The dance music of Leitrim and South Sligo sparkles here with raw energy and exuberance. The superb playing of Séamus McGuire on fiddle and John Lee on flute gives a new breath of life to this beautiful music. An elegant Swedish dance, a Scottish air and a Munster air add further colour and variety to the album.

1 Leitrim Clog Dance
2 Miss Ramsey/John Blessing's/Tinker Hill
3 Lord Haddo's Favourite
4 Peter Lee's Jig/Bernie Cunnion's Favourite
5 The Road To Ballymac/Corriga Grove/The Cloone Reel
6 Tomorrow Morning/O'Donnell's Hornpipe
7 McGovern's Favourite/The Banks Of Inverness/Me And My Love In The Garden/Bat Henry's Reel
8 The Drummond Lassies/The Missing Reel
9 A Swedish Wedding Dance
10 Old Mickey McKiernan's/The Camber Lassies/The Old Schoolmaster/Over The Bridge To Peggy
11 Réchnoc Mná Duibhe
12 Our Own Little Isle/Miss Bruce
13 Little Jimmy McKiernan's/Dessie O'Connor's/The Galway Rambler
14 The Aughavas Reel/The Humours Of Tooma/Maggie On The Shore/The Drumerkane Reel