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1 Reels: The Ships are sailing/Ambrose Moloney's/The New Mown Meadows
2 Jigs: The Trip to Athlone/Swans among the Rushes/Winnie Hayes' jig/ The Fleadh in Kilkenny
3 Hornpipes: The Fly by Night/The Tailor's Twist
4 Reels: Mc Govern's Favourite/SHerlock's/Dwyer's
5 Slow Air: Turas go Tír na nÓg
6 Jigs: Haley's jig/Eddie Kelly's jig/ The Scotchman over the Border
7 Slides:Mick Mahoney's/Barrack Hill/O'Connor's/John Kelly's
8 Reels's:Happy Day's of Youth / The London Lasses/Seán Smyth's
9 Jigs: The Lifting Dew/The Hidden Smile/The Galloping Ass
10 Slow Air: The Lea Rig
11 Polkas: The Callaghan's/Bill the Weaver's/The Rambling Sailor
12 Jigs: Cucanandy/The Pride of Kildare/The Humours of Clough
13 Waltz: The Waltz of the Little Girls
14 Reels: The Concert Reel/The Pride of Rockchapel/Ciaran Tourish